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One of the main priorities of our company is to ensure internal and external purity shipping kits. Our confidence in this statement provides automatic washer tank, whose services are available to us directly in the company.

Semi-automatic washing tank is equipped with high-pressure cleaning unit with cleaning heads and rotary nozzle for water jet operating pressure 100-150 bar. Perfect dry tank area is achieved through the hot air from hot-air blower unit.

For exterior cleaning of vehicles is the possibility of using high-pressure cleaning unit Kärcher supply of hot and cold water.

Thanks to these services we offer our customers a true guarantee of purity in the use of our transportation systems.

To ensure a high standard of technical condition we are using our own repair workshops that are available to us directly in the company. So we are able to deal with immediate repairs, to ensure regular service checks, which are designed to ensure proper functioning vehicles. A complete service is provided by professionally trained staff from our company.

The technical background of our repair workshop is well equipped also with a tire workshop.

Our company can say, that we are giving our vehicles trully the 100% care.