To realize a wide range of transportation needs that we offer our customers, we need a large fleet of modern, highly reliable vehicles, from the world’s leading manufacturers:

  • truck MERCEDES – BENZ, MAN and DAF, which are equipped with the most powerful compressors to pressurize the tank for pneumatic unloading of the material transported into the stationary silos and storage tanks
  • Tank (tilting) FELDBINDER KIP 66 m3 for the transport of powder and granular materials
  • Tank (tilting) FELDBINDER KIP ADR 66 m3 for the transport of hazardous materials under special conditions
  • Tank (saddle) FELDBINDER 35-40 m3 especially for the transport of construction materials
  • STAS tipping trailers for the transport of other types of material

Information for loading and unloading of materials

Loading material:

top 4-6 loading holes 500 mm in diameter. For hassle-free loading is necessary to have sufficient handling area of height 410 cm.

Unloading material:

  1. classic – emptying, release of material to the receiving basket or stack
  2. Pneumatic – Hose + pipe with a diameter of 80-100 mm in silos, tanks, etc. All this with a powerful compressor, which is part of our transport vehicles or foreign source of compressed air.

Terms of delivery:

cisterna musí být zapatkována a zvednuta. Potřebná výška k manipulaci je cca 12 m, kdy délka soupravy je cca 15 m.

Time of delivery:

depends on the type of material and transport distance (stack height, number of bends, the radius of lines, etc.). The average time of discharge is about 50-100 minutes.